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It can be a real challenge to find gifts that don’t contain plastic. Here you’ll find a few things to keep in mind when giving or receiving a gift. Giving Gifts

  • Choose toys or other gifts made of wood or cloth rather than plastic (remember to steer clear of fleece as well).
  • Choose to give experiences like movie tickets, theater tickets or a gift certificate for a restaurant.
  • Give books (used or new, as long as they are not wrapped in plastic).
  • Give prepared food items (pickled vegetables in glass jars or good cheese).
  • Make your own gifts (like soap, jam or cookies).
  • Give flowers (preferably locally grown and ask that they not to be wrapped in plastic).
  • Use cloth or paper ribbon or yarn to wrap your package in paper. You can also purchase plastic-free tape. Reuse wrapping paper you’ve received or use newspaper or kids’ drawings to wrap packages. Reuse gift bags.

Receiving Gifts

  • Let family and friends know that you’d like presents that don’t contain plastic, like those made from wood or cloth or non-material presents.
  • Suggest that a charitable donation would be preferred over a material gift.
  • Let family and friends know that you prefer clothing made from natural fibers and not fleece and other synthetics.
  • Politely decline plastic.
  • Politely decline gifts altogether.

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