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Plastlaus september (or “Plastic-free September”) is an annual awareness campaign that began in September 2017. The campaign went well and it was clear that Iceland was ready and willing for change when it comes to environmental issues. The campaign happens every year with planning and support work spread out over the whole year including posts on plastic-free solutions on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat as well as educational programs for companies and schools. The campaign has gathered considerable momentum since its inception with more people learning about the devastating effects of disposable plastics on the environment.

The objective of the campaign is to get people to consider their plastic use, the plastic waste they generate on a daily basis and how they can reduce their impact when it comes to plastic use. An enormous amount of disposable plastic ends up in landfills or in our oceans, which is an environmental crisis. All plastic that has ever been made in the world up until now still exists and does not biodegrade (with the exception of incinerated plastics). Plastic simply breaks down into smaller pieces, much of it ending up as microplastics, which have a detrimental effect on the world’s ecosystems and all living organisms, including humans. We still don’t know the full effect of the damage that microplastics cause.

Plastlaus september encourages us to minimize our use of disposable plastics and choose products made from alternative materials whenever possible. The campaign doesn’t demand that participants lead a fully plastic-free existence in September, but rather that people make a genuine effort to reduce their use of disposable plastics.

We encourage everyone to take part in Plastlaus september
This site is packed with suggestions and solutions for ways to substantially reduce the amount of plastic you use in your daily life. And on our social media channels you’ll find more tips and tricks on embracing a plastic-free lifestyle and be able to engage with the community with your own opinions, suggestions and experiences.

Facebook Page | Facebook Group | Instagram | Snapchat: plastlaussept

Share the joy and remember to tag us in your posts  #plastlaus and  #plastlausseptember

Register your participation so your efforts count! When we all do our part we can make significant change.


Posters to download and print to hang up at workplaces and elsewhere.

Poster A3 size: What can we do? (Icelandic version)
Poster A4 size: What can we do? (Icelandic version)
Poster A4 size: 10 Ways for Children to Reduce Plastic Use (English version)
Poster A4 size: 30 Ways to Reduce Plastic Use (English version)
Poster A4 size: „We participate in Plastic Free September by …“ (Icelandic version)

Donate to the Campaign
If you wish to make a donation to Plastlaus september you can transfer funds to the campaign’s bank account. All proceeds go to supporting the campaign’s efforts like funding advertising and events.

Bank Account: 0528-26-10720
Icelandic ID-no.: 520717-0720