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According to a study summary conducted by the Medical University of Vienna*, we ingest up to 5 grams of microplastics from water and food per week.

Microplastics are plastic particles that measure 5mm or less in diameter and result from both commercial products and the breakdown of larger plastics. From the highest mountain peaks to the deepest sea trenches, from marine life to wildlife to insects, microplastics have spread all over the globe. They are in human blood, breast milk, and feces, our drinking water, food, and air.

Minimizing consumption and making small changes and more informed choices in our everyday lives are essential to collectively reducing microplastics in our environment. So is making our voices heard and demanding change from corporations, governments, and community organizations that have the power to make a change on a larger scale. 

Change happens through progress, not perfection, where every effort counts, from everyone, every day. 

It is the objective of Plastic-free September to educate you about plastic consumption and waste, equip you with knowledge about plastic´s harmful effects, and empower you to make a change individually and collectively.