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  • Avoid buying items served in styrofoam.
  • Choose eateries that serve their food in biodegradable containers (like paper or other natural fiber composites)
  • Choose eateries that use washable dishes and utensils instead of disposable service items.
  • If you choose to eat someplace that uses disposable service items, bring your own with you. Even reusing plastic items is better than using disposable utensils and containers.
  • Decline straws and plastic lids when we order a drink.

Ordering Takeout

  • Ask the eatery to package your food in a container you bring with you when you pick up your order.
  • Take your time and dine in if that’s the only way to avoid using plastic packaging.
  • Decline straws, plastic lids and plastic utensils.

Drinks on the Go

  • Bring your own reusable travel mug or cup.
  • Decline the plastic lid if you forget your reusable container.
  • You can often have your coffee served in a ceramic cup or mug to drink on the spot.

Bakery Items

  • Bakeries often package their items in paper bags, but it is still preferable to bring your own bag.

Ice Cream Parlors

  • Order your ice cream in a cone to avoid the plastic spoon and disposable cup.
  • Choose ice cream parlors that serve their ice cream in paper cups instead of styrofoam.
  • Bring your own container if you intend to buy ice cream take home.

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