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There are a number of ways to reduce your reliance on plastic when it comes to your pets.

What you can do

Notice and reduce the plastic in your home while reducing the plastic that your furry friend consumes.

Dog Poop
  • Use paper bags or newspaper when cleaning up your dog’s poop instead of plastic pop bags.
Cat Litter
  • Use cat litter that is packaged in paper rather than plastic.
Pet Food
  • Choose pet food that is packaged in paper rather than plastic.
  • Choose packaging-free dog bones rather than those packaged in plastic.
Pet Toys
  • Choose pet items made from wood rather than plastic, like bird ladders and houses or enclosures for mice and hamsters.

The impact

  • Your furry family member reduces their eco-footprint.
  • Your household reduces the waste that ends up in the landfill.

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