Golden Blitz Schedule – When is the Next Golden Blitz Event In Monopoly Go!

monopoly go golden blitz event

Updated July 22, 2024: It’s been a few weeks since we started playing the new Monopoly Games, so I’m looking forward to seeing a Golden Blitz happening soon!

The date for the next Golden Blitz event in Monopoly Go is still unknown, but we’re on the lookout and will share updates once we have more details. It looks like there’s a lot of interest in the Discord group chats, with many users eager to know when the next Golden Blitz will take place.

Make sure to take a look at our daily events schedule to see all the flash boost events happening today, along with details on ongoing main events and tournaments. And don’t miss out on the latest free dice links!

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Past Golden Blitz Event Dates During Making Music

Listed below are all Golden Blitz dates during the Making Music Monopoly Go Album.

Start DateEnd DateStickers
June 17th 9 AM ETJune 18th 9 AM ETRockstar! (19) and Royal Box (21)
June 7th 9 AM ETJune 8th 9 AM ETBoogie Down (18) and Ovazione (21)
May 17th 9 AM ETMay 18th 9 AM ETNew Hobby (17) and Clean Win! (20)
May 14th 9 AM ETMay 15th 9 AM ETFunky Music (18) and Broom Rock (19)
May 2nd 9 AM ETMay 3rd 9 AM ETAll In (12) and Daydreams (19)
April 25th 6PM ETApril 26th 6PM ETRare Find (14) and La Traviata (21)
April 11th 6PM ETApril 12th 6PM ETMerch It! (13) and We Did It (16)

Golden Blitz Schedule – What is Golden Blitz in Monopoly Go?

monopoly go golden blitz

Golden Blitz is a trading event on Monopoly Go that typically runs for 15-24 hours. During this time, there are two golden stickers available for trading. The stickers usually change for each event, but sometimes the same ones are repeated later in the season.

In Golden Blitz, you can gather as many gold stickers as you like, but you are restricted to sending just five gold stickers per event. This limit is in addition to the five regular stickers you can send every day.

Keep an eye out for the event icon on the right side of the game board to know that Golden Blitz is happening!

How to Trade Gold Stickers

During a Golden Blitz event, you can trade gold stickers exclusively. But don’t forget that you can only trade the two gold stickers that are showcased for that specific Golden Blitz.

To exchange gold stickers, all you have to do is pick them from your album just like you would with a regular sticker. Then, you can either initiate a trade or send them to a friend. During a golden blitz, you can send up to five gold stickers, on top of the daily limit of five normal sticker trades.

How to get Gold Stickers?

In the Monopoly Origins season, gold stickers are randomly placed in regular packs, there are no special golden packs available this season. The chances of finding gold stickers are low and vary depending on the star value of the card and the star level of the pack. To increase your chances of getting gold stickers, keep collecting packs as the probability of pulling one from any pack is low. The more packs you collect, the higher your chances of finding a gold sticker.

Want those 5 star gold stickers? Make sure to go after the 5-star purple packs. While they’re not easy to obtain, seize the opportunity in Quick Wins whenever it arises.

5 star purple pack

Struggling to collect gold stickers in the game? Look for opportunities to receive them during Golden Blitz events. Remember that each community has its own dynamics, so some may be more open to donating gold stickers than others. Additionally, you can trade standard stickers for gold stickers with fellow players.

What is the Golden Blitz event in Monopoly Go?

The Golden Blitz event is a special, limited-time event in Monopoly Go where players can trade specific gold stickers. This event usually lasts for 15-24 hours and allows for increased trading opportunities.

How do I know when the Golden Blitz event is active?

You can check the Golden Blitz event is active by looking for an event icon on the right side of the game board. This icon indicates that the event is currently running.

How many gold stickers can I send during a Golden Blitz event?

During a Golden Blitz event, you can send up to five gold stickers. This is in addition to the five regular stickers you can send each day.

Can I receive unlimited gold stickers during the event?

Yes, during the Golden Blitz event, you can receive as many of the featured gold stickers as you want. There is no limit to the number of gold stickers you can receive.

How do I trade gold stickers during the Golden Blitz event?

To trade gold stickers during the event, go to your album and select the gold sticker you want to trade. Then, either set up an exchange or send the sticker to a friend. Remember, you can send up to five gold stickers during the event.

How can I get gold stickers outside of the Golden Blitz event?

During the Monopoly Origins season, gold stickers can be found in normal packs, though they have a low drop rate. To increase your chances of getting gold stickers, keep opening packs. For better results, aim for higher star-level packs, like the 5-star purple packs.

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