Monopoly Go Sticker Boom Schedule And Next Event Dates (July July 22, 2024)

monopoly go sticker boom

Monopoly Go Sticker boom Event Schedule And Next Event: Presented below is a chart detailing the latest occurrences of Sticker Boom events. It is noticeable that the duration between each event varies. Moreover, this timespan is influenced by the season’s progression, leading to an anticipated reduction in the intervals between Sticker Booms as the season nears its conclusion. 

During Sticker Boom, you can get a lot more stickers. This makes it a great time to play the game. Keep an eye on the schedule to know when the next Sticker Boom is happening.

How It Works

  • Event Duration: You have 18-24 hours from the start of the event to log in and activate it for one hour.
  • Extra Stickers: While Sticker Boom is active, you’ll get 50% more stickers from any pack you open.

Next Sticker Boom Event Scheduled on Monopoly Go

Updated July 22, 2024: There is no news about the next Sticker Boom. These events happen often, so one should be coming soon. Sometimes, during a new season, there might be a longer wait.

Past Sticker Booms on Monopoly Go

We’ve seen different gaps between each Sticker Boom. The gaps usually get shorter as we get closer to the end of a season. Here are list of all past Sticker Booms.

Sticker Boom StartSticker Boom EndDuration of EventDays after previous Sticker Boom start
4 PM ET June 16th, 202412 AM ET June 17th, 202410 Minutes6 Days
3 PM ET June 10th, 20249 AM ET June 11th, 202410 Minutes6 Days
3 AM ET June 4th, 20249 AM ET June 6th, 202410 Minutes13 Days
3 AM ET May 22nd, 20249 AM ET May 23rd, 202420 Minutes6 Days
3 AM ET May 16th, 20249 AM ET May 17th, 202410 Minutes1 Day
3 PM ET May 15th, 20249 PM ET May 15th, 202410 Minutes12 Days
3 AM ET May 3rd, 20249 AM ET May 4th, 202410 Minutes18 Day
3 AM ET April 15th, 20249 AM ET April 15th, 202410 Minutes1 Day
12 PM ET April 14th, 20246 PM ET April 14th, 202410 Minutes10 Days
12 PM ET April 4th, 20249 AM ET April 5th, 202460 Minutes9 Days
9 AM ET March 26th, 20249 AM ET March 27th, 202460 Minutes10 Days
12 PM ET March 16th, 20249 AM ET March 17th, 202460 Minutes3 Days
March 13th, 2024March 14th, 202460 Minutes6 Days
2 PM ET March 7th, 20248 AM ET March 8th, 202460 Minutes9 Days
2 PM ET February 27th, 20248 AM ET February 28th, 202460 Minutes9 Days
11 AM ET February 18th, 20245 AM ET February 19th, 202460 Minutes14 Days
2 PM ET February 4th, 20248 AM ET February 5th, 202460 Minutes7 Days
11 AM ET January 28th, 20248 AM ET January 29th, 202460 Minutes7 Days
2PM ET January 20th, 20248AM ET January 21st, 202460 Minutes7 Days
12PM ET January 13th, 202412PM ET January 14th, 202460 Minutes5 Days
12PM ET January 8th, 202412PM ET January 9th, 202460 Minutes4 Days
12PM ET January 4th, 202412PM ET January 5th, 202460 Minutes2 Days
12PM ET January 2nd, 202412PM ET January 3rd, 202460 Minutes2 Days
12PM ET December 31st, 202312PM ET January 1st, 202460 Minutes3 Days
12PM ET December 28th, 202312PM ET December 29th, 202360 Minutes4 Days
12PM ET December 24th, 202312PM ET December 25th, 202360 Minutes

Everything About Sticker Boom Event

While Sticker Boom is active, you receive 50% more stickers when opening any pack. This is especially beneficial during long season events like Monopoly Origins, where you collect 189 unique stickers in the first album. To complete it again, unlocking five additional sets will result in a total of 234 stickers for the second album.

monopoly go sticker boom

Accessing the game during a Sticker Boom event is particularly advantageous, especially when anticipating the opening of 4 or 5-star packs.

For instance, if starting a new tournament or event with multiple milestones, log in daily during Sticker Boom for an extra 50% stickers. This bonus lasts one hour after the event begins, so be prepared to claim your packs during this time.

Sticker Boom is more valuable with High Roller to progress through milestones swiftly and open sticker packs. Having a concurrent Wheel Boost is advantageous for starting the Sticker Boom at that time.

If you anticipate creating numerous color sets for wheel spins, utilizing Wheel Boost will grant you two spins instead of one. Additionally, employing Sticker Boom will boost your sticker earnings by 50%. Leveraging these Flash events strategically and syncing your log-in times with the game can significantly enhance the rewards you receive from events.

Although usually, you will primarily acquire resources for storage, keep in mind that accumulating 1000 sticker stars enables you to exchange them in the game for a pink vault. This vault includes a Galaxy pack comprising at least one fresh card, a 5-star purple pack, and a 4-star blue pack. Therefore, if you possess 1,000 stars and are keen on obtaining the new card pack, it is advisable to await the upcoming Sticker Boom event to unlock the pink vault.

It’s important to consider that when dealing with packs containing an odd number of cards, such as 3 stickers in a yellow pack, the boost will be rounded up to five, given that 50% more than 3 equals 4.5. In percentage, this translates to a 67% boost. Below is a table illustrating the number of stickers you obtain from each pack during the activation of Sticker Boom.

PackNo Sticker BoomWith Sticker Boom
1-Star GreenTwoThree
2-Star YellowThreeFive
3-Star PinkThreeFive
4-Star BlueFourSix
5-Star PurpleSixNine
Galaxy PackSixNine

Keep checking this page or the daily events schedule to know when the next Sticker Boom is coming. We also update daily dice links, so don’t forget to check for those too!

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