Monopoly Go Today’s Event Schedule & Boost Times (21 July, 2024)

monopoly go events today schedule 21 july 2024

Monopoly Go Today Event Schedule 21 July, 2024: Daily events in Monopoly Go give you a chance to earn extra rewards. These events are short, lasting between 5 minutes to 1 hour. During these events, you can double the rewards you usually get, making it a great time to play and earn more.

The Cash Boost event is special because it lets you double your earnings while you play. This means you can get twice as much money during the event. It’s very exciting, but the game doesn’t tell you exactly when these events start or end.

It can be tough to keep an eye on when these events are happening. But don’t worry! Our team will update a list of daily events for you. This way, you can always know when to play to get the best rewards.

Don’t forget to check out the latest tournaments and claim the free dice links we provide. These can help you get even more rewards and make your game more fun and rewarding.

Monopoly Go Today Event Schedule (21 July, 2024)

mega bank heistMega Bank Heist: 07/21/2024, 12:30:00 PM — 07/21/2024, 06:29:00 PM Duration: 00:45:00
free parking moneyFree Parking Money: 07/21/2024, 06:30:00 PM — 07/22/2024, 12:29:00 AM Duration: 01:00:00
builders bashBuilders Bash: 07/22/2024, 12:30:00 AM — 07/22/2024, 06:29:00 AM Duration: 01:00:00
wheel boostWheel Boost: 07/22/2024, 06:30:00 AM — 07/22/2024, 12:29:00 PM Duration: 00:20:00

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