Monopoly Go: 7 Best Tips And Tricks For Beginners

monopoly go tips and tricks

Monopoly Go Tips And Tricks: When you first look at Monopoly Go (By Scopely), it may seem like a game that relies solely on luck. But in reality, it involves a lot of exploitation and manipulation, making it a strategic game. This guide provides seven expert tips that will help you improve your skills in Monopoly Go without resorting to cheating.

7 Monopoly Go Tips And Tricks For Beginners

Gather 5 Friends

To gain access to the Community Chest, make sure you have five friends on board. If you’re short on friends, don’t worry – you can also invite random players to join. Once you have a complete group, land on the specified Tiles to begin saving money. When you’re ready, unlock the Chest to claim your earnings and stickers.

Join Discord Channel Of Monopoly Go

The official Discord server offers exciting giveaways that are definitely worth checking out. By becoming a member, you can receive free Dice Links and participate in daily events and tournaments to win prizes in the #giveaway channel. You can also connect with Sticker traders to trade cards and complete your Albums.

Apply the Dice Multiplier Using the 6-7-8 Rule

If you’re 6, 7, or 8 Tiles away from your target, think about using Dice Multipliers. These numbers—,6 7, and 8—are frequently rolled, making it a good idea to take advantage of extra rolls with Dice Multipliers in these cases. Remember: Reaching the Go Tile with a Multiplier will earn you extra money.

Remember to Claim Your Gift Every 8 Hours

Visit the in-game store every eight hours to claim your gifts! Remember to set a reminder to check back regularly and collect up to four daily reward bundles, which could include Free Dice, Stickers, and Cash.

Delay Constructing Landmarks

Avoid rushing to finish your boards. Start by collecting enough money to upgrade all Landmarks. Then, work on building and upgrading as many structures as possible before you exit the game. If you’re short on cash, concentrate on upgrading just one Landmark before moving on to the next. (Delaying Landmark upgrades can help prevent Shutdowns.)

Make use of your dice link to effortlessly earn free Dice rolls. Go to the Friends section to find your unique dice link. Share it with friends who have not yet downloaded the game, and invite them to do so through your link. This approach could result in significant rewards, such as rare Stickers and numerous Dice Rolls!

Select Your Opponents Wisely

Adjust your Shutdown goal to strike back at opponents who have targeted you or to go after friends who lack Shields. By following this approach, you can increase the amount of currency you gain from your moves.

So these are the best Monopoly Go strategies for beginners to succeed in the game! Share your feedback or questions in the comments section. Don’t miss out on today’s events for a shot at winning fantastic prizes.

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