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One of the primary objectives of Plaustlaus september is to reduce our reliance on single-use plastics, and to that end we have devised the following guidelines on partnerships and how the campaign’s name may be used:

The campaign does not partner with any companies on giveaways, advertisements or other promotional activities. To reflect this we ask that the campaign not be tagged or otherwise credited in these kinds of activities.

To celebrate Plastlaus september we are holding a giveaway.” or “Since September is dedicated to reducing plastic use we are holding a giveaway.
In partnership with Plastlaus september we are holding a giveaway.

Our logo may not be used with prior authorization. Please note that the materials on our website, however, may be printed and used for informational purposes.

Images from our website may be used for informational purposes but must always be credited to the campaign’s site.

We often highlight noteworthy plastic-free efforts, for example if a product is available in plastic-free or reduced-plastic packaging. We also appreciate any suggestions for efforts to highlight by sending a message to or through social media. We do, however, reserve the right to make all decisions on what examples we highlight and in what manner we highlight them.

September provides an ideal time to make changes in companies/institutions like committing to forego a variety of single-use plastics.

In consideration of Plastlaus september we will be …
In partnership with Plastlaus september we will be …
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