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Food Storage & Packing Food

Many people find it challenging to store and pack food without using plastic. But there are a lot of good solutions as detailed below.

  • Use glass jars and other empty glass containers that you already have on hand to store leftovers instead of plastic storage boxes.
  • Keep leftovers in a bowl and place a plate over the top as a lid.
  • Pack sandwiches in reusable sandwich bags or paper bags.
  • For long trips, pour drinks into reusable bottles, like empty bottles that you already have on hand, rather than buying drinks in disposable containers.
  • Replace your plastic cling film with beeswax wraps. They can be purchased ready to use or follow instructions online to make your own.
  • If you need to use ziplock bags, it’s a good idea to wash them and reuse them as many times as possible.

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